What is The Hollywood-Hillbilly Hybrid?

As someone with a mixed background, I bring a unique perspective on life. One side of my family are the Zanucks, who founded and ran 20th Century Fox for 50 years, while the other side are Hillbilly roots in south Missouri, as part of the notorious Collins clan outlaws. I am by nature and self admittedly, an odd combination of many contrasts.

I’ve taken my unusual background and dedicated life to human connection and charity outreach, never encountering anyone quite like me. I suppose I never will. Growing up between the extremes of wealth and poverty has given me a strong desire and ability to communicate, always sharing my thoughts on topics relating to class, power, and culture. All of my life, I’ve shared these beliefs, among friends, interesting people I meet, someone sitting on next bar stool, and now, here.

My background offers me power in both creativity and resiliency; it rules my personality as much as my blood does. I was born of this, and made to share. My natural dichotomy is not an easy balance to maintain, but it is what I’ve been gifted to use, as best I can. In this space, I aim to share my musings on many subjects, sometimes humorous, other times quite serious, but always honest, with the goal of education and improvement.

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Why Subscribe?

Since I’ve decided to shun traditional social media platforms in my personal life, this is my new online home. What I’ve sought is a space that provides us to be whatever we develop together, free of ads or algorithm shenanigans.

Being a writer, the ability to create something out of a blank page is isolating by default. I do not enjoy writing in a vacuum. My creative nature thrives on community and feedback. I require a purpose to share. This is a space that offers that connection to myself and readers.

Why Substack?

Substack allows you to get my work direct and unfiltered, without middle-internet noise, or a single penny going to a billionaire. Your support directly funds my writing, which is my bread and butter, but also my lifelong medium to connect. I’m not the best, but I’m certainly not the worst.

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Laura Gentle
Copywriter. Award-winning equality advocate. Cancer & endo fighter. Loves movies, dogs, adventures, and all things cheese.